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Welcome to Revenue Ride 


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About Us.


Revenue ride is changing the playing field of out of home media by using the unused exterior space of vehicles on the road. 

Backed by easy to use technology for drivers, and reliable analytics for advertising clients, revenue ride is providing the premier platform for advertising on vehicles.



 RevenueRide provides a great opportunity for advertisers to run a campaign on operating vehicles. Furthermore, our innovative online back-end solution offers real time media metrics on each campaign. We create interactive marketing campaigns, where an advertiser can get maximum involvement from the audience of the outdoor media. Advertisers now have the chance to get consumer impressions comparable to that of billboards for a fraction of the cost.


 Drivers can easily earn money for the miles that they already drive with their vehicles. It is necessary to download our application, and install branding material at our installation points. After that, drivers can look at how the miles they travel turn into real money. By taking part in an advertising campaign, each driver will become part of a special community.